Our Story

During one brief period of our intellectual history, a group of writers published books and articles that spoke of ‘a different kind of education.’  In paraphrase, the idea was built around one basic concept: ‘If each child is uniquely and wonderfully made (see Psa 139:14), then every child and their every approach to learning and development must be different.  And, if the Holy Spirit truly does lead and remind each individual – regardless of their own recognition or age – of all that is in Christ and taught by Christ, then we must accept that children are also being intellectually ‘led’ – from a spiritual level – to seek out that intellect which speaks toward their divine purpose and the very reason for their creation.’

These beliefs led these authors to three very distinct levels of intellect in every individual:

  • Practical Intellect: that intelligence built through the senses – most of which is utilized and growing from daily use;
  • Comprehensive Intellect: that intelligence that causes a child to critically consider choices of good and evil, wrong and right, pleasing and unpleasing; and,
  • Spiritual Intellect: that intelligence that is spiritually disseminated by way of the Holy Spirit alone, causing a child to pursue various paths of vocation and purpose throughout their life.

These writers also found that – when educators did not consider the uniqueness of each child as vital to instruction – a child would be led toward disciplinary issues resulting from an inability to satisfy the spiritual craving God had placed within them.  The end result would be boredom, lower grades, and a tendency toward destructive behavior.

Kanawha Christian School (KCS) has taken these teachings as ‘fundamental to our role as godly teachers, leaders, and educators.’

An understanding of the divine truth behind humanity – with ‘each child as a unique image of God the Father’ – moves our faculty and staff to pursue a clear understanding the of the child(ren) before them with excitement, seeking – from an eternal perspective – what God is forming and compelling within them personally.  As it becomes clear ‘who the child is’ and ‘what God is forming within the child,’ an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) is created for the child, and curriculum is shaped to meet God’s agenda.  Grounded with a love and compassion for God that defines our methodology, faculty and staff reassess these goals monthly while continuing to seek how God desires to move the child toward further knowledge and understanding.  The result: a genuine pursuit of knowledge on the part of every student – a genuine happiness and pleasure in the pursuit of seeking their divine purpose – a measurable increase in intellectual knowledge and retainment – purposeful children in the classroom and learning setting(s), and – without teaching to any assessment – increased scores at all academic and artistic pursuits of their curriculum (most, in the 90th percentile).

If you are interested to see how this process takes place, we invite you to schedule an appointment with your child(ren) at your earliest convenience.  Feel free to give us a call (641-762-3322) or email us at info@kanawhachristianschool.org.