Q: Do you require that I, as a parent, or my child be a Christian to attend Kanawha Christian School?
We do not.  We only ask that you are willing to agree to follow the rules and guidelines of our school and have your child submit to its teachings and authority.

Q: What curriculum do you use?
While we do not use any one publisher, a large portion of our curriculum is written by Alpha Omega Publishing.  That said, we also carefully select resources that will equip our students in any given subject area, including post-secondary. Our teachers, who have a solid Biblical worldview, teach all curriculum from a Christian perspective.

Q: How may students per class?
We make sure that our student-teacher ratio never rises above 20:1.  Honors, AP, and Elective classes typically have fewer students per classroom.

Q: Are your teachers credentialed?
Our teachers are credentialed or in process of securing a professional certificate recognized by the State of Iowa Board of Educational Examiners (BOEE). All our teachers are qualified and trained to teach in their respective subject areas, and actively seek growth in their profession.

Q: What are the school hours?
PreK: 8:20 – 11:45a (extended day is 1:00p)
K-12th grade: 8:20a – 3:20p

Q: Is Kanawha Christian Schools accredited?
We are fully accredited by by the Iowa State Board of Educational Examiners (BOEE) and Christian Schools International (CSI).

Q: Does Kanawha Christian School have an international student program?
Not at this time.

Q: Do the students wear uniforms?
As general wear, not at this time.  Students in the middle and high school areas do wear uniforms for physical education.

Q: Do you require parents to perform service hours?
We always encourage parents to be involved, and offer many opportunities for service. We do not, however, require service hours.

Q: Are you on a traditional school calendar year?
Yes, we start in August and end in May. We do offer a Summer Trak for students in need of remedial assistance, or those who wish to fast-track their education through graded or dual-enrollment courses.

Q: Is lunch available for purchase daily?
No.  Hot lunch is only available one day per week, with a cost of $5.  Students have the option of participating in this lunch.

Q: Do you offer bus transportation?
Kanawha Christian School provides its students transportation to and from the school site via the West Hancock School District.  Please check with the School Office for additional information regarding our transportation opportunities.