With technology playing such a core role in many of the current and future careers that students may pursue, a learning environment that involves an authentic use of this technology may help prepare students with the skills that can most benefit them upon graduation. With our Innovations for Learning Initiative, we are creating a learning environment that provides each student with an individual platform to access the diverse range of information and communication technology tools now available to promote student inquiry and effectively develop skills that are applicable to real-world experiences.

All students of Kanawha Christian School – by the third grade – are required to purchase a personal laptop provided by Dell Computers. Two sizes are available: a 10″ compact netbook for younger hands ($120 ea.), and a 15″ laptop computer ($210 ea.) A purchase order form will be provided in your enrollment packet, and all students will receive their notebook during the first day of classes. If you have a personal notebook you wish to utilize in the classroom, please bring it to the school no less than two weeks prior to the start of the academic year, so that we may install necessary programs for your grade and teacher.

Online Education Benefits

School administrators and teachers are using digital technology and online curriculum to manage their school districts; communicate with students, parents and community; and supplement the learning environment while improving district operations.  Providing students with digital resources to enhance personal learning is becoming a top priority for numerous public, private and charter schools. Many local school districts, with the support of their school boards, are committed to facilitating initiatives that enhance learning through the use of innovative technologies and digital curriculum within the classroom.  New technologies and online learning innovations can provide a path for local school boards to advance their vision for public education and provide an opportunity to implement policies that support that vision.

School districts that have incorporated online learning as a part of their day-to-day curriculum have found the approach useful in the areas of:

  • School Credit Recovery – Online classes and programs offer high school students who must repeat a class feasible options without the hassle of course scheduling logistics.
  • Gifted & Talented Programs – Self-paced online curriculum provides an ideal platform for gifted students who need a challenge, wish to excel, or would like to pursue a personal interest.
  • Remediation – Mastery-based online curriculum affords students extra practice and instruction time specific to their needs while allowing the teacher to inform his/her instructional method based on a clear picture of each student’s mastery level.
  • Staffing Solutions – Implementing online curriculum means schools have the option of offering a wide selection of courses and electives without increasing current specialized teaching staff.
  • Summer School – Online curriculum can be the solution for meeting summer school’s specific student learning, staffing, and budgetary requirements.

Additionally, teachers who incorporate blended learning approaches that include digital education, are finding that the use of online educational programming positively complements traditional instructional models.

A Full Range Of Digital Learning Options

Five reasons why you should choose to educate your student with Kanawha Christian School:

  • Meets Standards – Our curriculum options meet national, state, and/or local Common Core State Standards (CCSS).
  • No Student Minimums – We accommodate every family, regardless of size or grade level.
  • Multiple Programs Available – We offer Alpha-Omega Christian Series and Rosetta Stone languages.
  • Student Learning Success – Self-paced, mastery-based learning promotes motivation and effective learning.
  • Cost-effective – Whether full-time traditional, part-time with a teacher, or in a homeschool environment, our curriculum is cost-effective and beneath the cost of texts and workbooks for just one semester of classwork.  Contact the school for needs-specific pricing details.