Kanawha Christian School is a Pre-K through grade 12 program, with its main campus in Kanawha, Iowa. Beginning at grade 3, our teachers devise an individualized educational model that promotes independent achievement initiatives. Students may utilize this program in a variety of settings:

  • in a traditional setting (normal classroom environment and schedule); or,
  • in a hybrid, online model that allows students to attend some classes on campus.

As an extension of the home, Kanawha Christian School will also provide families with the necessary tools, support, and guidance to enhance the training of their children, both academically and spiritually.

Philosophy & Benefits

  • Families can choose to educate their children full-time at home with the encouragement and support of our teaching staff, as needed. KCS collects any required paperwork, and maintains a cumulative file for each student, to ensure educational and legal standards are being met, and accreditation standards are being fulfilled. Homeschooling alone cannot meet these requirements.
  • Monthly field-trips are offered, as well as on-campus activities such as chapels, athletic events, and participation in graduation.
  • Hybrid students are required to meet with a teacher at least twice per week for proctored exams, and to enhance the learning and course requirements in History, Bible, Science, Language Arts, Art, Music, and Language studies.
  • All hybrid students in grades 3-12 have the option of attending classes on campus part-time. This option allows students to also participate in sports, music, art, and STEAM programs offered at our main campus.
  • STEAM activities, cooperative learning games, remedial assistance, living history projects, explorations in art, music, and theatre arts all take place during our afternoon sessions each weekday. Students also attend chapel once a week.

Christian, Accredited Courses

With an academic accreditation from CSI, our traditional and hybrid programs have earned the highest educational standards for excellence, which helps your child’s credits and diploma be recognized by colleges and universities.  Further, these programs provide flexibility for administrators, parents, and students desiring fully accredited, Christ-centered curriculum over the internet.  Our online courses are grounded on biblical principles with a Christian worldview, and can be accessed whenever it is convenient for your child’s schedule (exam proctoring is required). Web-based classes are completely self-contained, with no other books needed. Enrolled students are fully supported by experience, full-time, certified teachers who are available in person, via email, or internet-based (chat) instruction.

What does accreditation mean? It means your student’s credits are more likely to be recognized when applying for college application or when transferring to another school.  In addition, accreditation improves acknowledgment when applying for federal student aid and scholarships for college. In other words, accreditation helps make a clear path toward post-secondary school success!

Another major benefit of accreditation is that our qualified teachers and staff provide you with an official diploma upon graduation, along with record-keeping, transcripts, and grade reports as a parent and student support service.  Above all, our accreditation means that Kanawha Christian School offers rigorous academics that equal or surpass a traditional public school and actively pursuing excellence by improving school standards.

Here are some commonly asked questions about accreditation.

Q. Does accreditation get my student into the college of his choice?

A. Accreditation by NCA CASI is certainly an advantage, but it’s not a guarantee of acceptance. College acceptance ultimately depends on each college’s admission process and how attractive your student is as a candidate, based on grades, ACT or SAT scores, and other considerations.

Q. Does accreditation mean credits earned will transfer to another high school?

A. Accreditation doesn’t guarantee transfer of high school credits from one state to another.  Most schools, however, will accept credits earned thanks to the recognition provided by accreditation through NCA CASI and CSI. The exceptions, if there are any, are districts with policies of not accepting credits from schools outside their own state or from distance learning schools.

Q. Does accreditation matter for my elementary or middle school student?

A. Accreditation matters to students in all grade levels because it is a holistic measure of institutional quality and academic rigor. Accreditation means your K-8th grader is being educated at an institution that has been evaluated and certified according to strict standards of educational excellence.  If your grade school student should transfer to another school, you can also be assured our accredited status will help your student’s coursework be recognized and will reduce the need to repeat coursework.

Q. How does a school become accredited? Are courses accredited?

A. Accreditation is a verification process conducted by an outside agency that a school is meeting the expectations it has communicated to the public, related to its purpose. Accreditation status is given upon recommendation after an extensive review of a school by the outside agency, and periodical reviews help ensure a school continues to improve. Only a school can be said to be accredited, not its courses or curriculum.

Q: Who is Kanawha Christian School accredited by?

A: Kanawha Christian School is accredited by Christian Schools International (CSI), in cooperation with the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners (BOEE).

Enrollment Requirements

Families enrolling in Educational Options must meet the regular admissions requirements of Kanawha Christian Schools. This includes the following requirements:

  • Parents or legal guardians must not be participating in practices that would be considered illegal, or considered by the school as immoral or inconsistent with a positive and scriptural Christian lifestyle such as cohabitation without marriage or in a homosexual relationship.
  • The student must meet Kanawha Christian School age and academic requirements.  Assessments provided at the time of application provide us a clear picture of the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual understanding of each student.
  • All education must be consistent with the philosophy and academic rigor of Kanawha Christian School.  No adaptations in our educational model may transpose or change these philosophies during the course of enrollment.
  • Students are required to take cognitive, achievement, and aptitude testing designed to assess their academic level.  These are used as a baseline for individualized instruction models and future reference.
  • The student must succeed in behavior and citizenship, and commit to community service requirements of the school environment.
  • Parents, and students in grades 7 or higher must sign the Parent/Student Cooperation form.
  • Parent(s)/guardians(s) must complete and sign the Enrollment Application Form and the Pledge Contract that includes financial commitment.

Privileges & Conditions

All students of Kanawha Christian School have the following privileges and conditions:

  • Students receive accredited instruction as student members of Kanawha Christian School.
  • Students are eligible to receive a student ID card, attend athletic events and other events at the student rate, and have a student picture included in the school yearbook.
  • All students are invited to attend weekly school chapels and assemblies.
  • All students may participate in STEAM programs, as well as after-school clubs, performance, and athletic activities including service projects in surrounding communities.  An additional fee is required to participate in STEAM initiatives on our campus.
  • Students may participate in most school social events, although limitations may apply for some events, such as enrollment in at least one on-campus course.
  • Families may make arrangements to use the school library and the multi-purpose room for events, as needed.
  • Students taking one or more on-campus classes may participate in all of the activities associated with each course, including field trips and presentations.
  • Students taking on-campus classes are eligible to ride the West Hancock School District bus to or from school.
  • At the high school level, the administrator will help the family develop an academic plan that leads toward completing graduation requirements.
  • Those completing all requirements for graduation are invited to participate in graduation ceremonies. Any courses taken on-campus, online, or at a community college will allow the student to earn an Kanawha Christian School diploma, as home-schooled (online) courses are accredited.

Qualifications and Restrictions

  • Students of our online instructional model are not eligible to qualify for class rank, valedictorian, salutatorian, or school scholarships.
  • Online students are eligible for participation in athletics, drama and musical productions, and speech club.  Online students may not serve on the Associated Student Body.

Privileges and Conditions (two to four courses on-campus)

  • Students may participate in middle and high school extracurricular activities including athletics, music, drama, speech, and Associated Student Body (ASB).  Drama at the middle school level is a course; participation in drama productions as an extracurricular activity is available at the high school level.
  • Students will have a picture included in the school annual and will receive a yearbook, if this is in accord with the practice with full-time students.
  • Students taking two to four on-campus classes may participate in all of the activities associated with that course, including field trips and presentations.
  • Families may apply for tuition assistance.

Qualifications and Restrictions (two to four courses on-campus)

  • Students ARE eligible to qualify for class rank, valedictorian, salutatorian, or school scholarships.
  • At the high school level, National Honor Society and Renaissance Program membership is available for qualifying students.

Summer Programs

Each summer, we offer students grades 3-12 the option for Summer School. For high school students, Kanawha Christian’s Summer Session is a great opportunity for your student to get ahead in high school requirements, lighten the academic load, improve grades for college admissions, prep for ACT or SAT testing, or repeat a course if needed. Most classes are online, and with the assistance of one of our faculty at the main campus.