Kanawha Christian School (KCS) is based upon an understanding of God and His world, which in turn gives shape to the mission of the school. Its mission is to help parents equip their children to serve God in His world by providing a Christ-centered, academically excellent education.

“…to equip children…”

KCS aims to equip children to serve God in His world. It recognizes that children are God’s image-bearers; each one possessing unique gifts and a capacity to marvel at God’s grandeur and grace. It follows that God’s children need to have their minds sharpened to form their unique talents for serving God, and through this sharpening process, to have their hearts opened to the wonder of God on display in His world. In short, Christian servants need to be equipped with discernment and awe. Teachers at KCS are therefore quick to help and encourage students connect whatever is good or great in what they study or experience with God – a glimmer of whose glory is thus revealed. Throughout the entire curriculum, KCS teachers help students evaluate the thought patterns and practices of this world from the perspective of God’s design for creation and His will for human society. In this way, students are equipped to affirm what is good, reject what is sinful, and recognize areas of uncertainty – so that they can live wisely in God’s world with Him.

“…academically excellent education…”

KCS believes God deserves and expects to have His servants equipped with the very best education possible. Since serving God is supremely important, students’ being equipped with academically excellent education is non-negotiable. This conviction is carried out as follows: (1) KCS has professional teachers trained in the Christian faith, and dedicated to educational excellence; (2) KCS maintains State of Iowa accreditation; (3) KCS does all it can to use the best curriculum, methods, and resources available to equip students. This means KCS would opt for an excellent resource by a secular publisher over a mediocre resource by a Christian one; (4) KCS maintains membership in Christian Schools International (CSI). Because CSI shares these foundational beliefs and philosophy of education, its resources of consultation, materials, and continuing education workshops are first to be considered.